Wednesday, August 12, 2009

text message..

I received a text message from my student last night. The message goes like this:

“Salam Ustazah..My name is XY. I am in your Usul Fiqh class. I think I am not feeling well tonight. So, I will not be attending your class tomorrow morning. I will go to the clinic tomorrow and get an M.C. from a doctor then I will give it to you later. I am very very sorry, ustazah..”

My reply to her:
“ So, you have decided that you are not going to attend my class tomorrow?”

Her reply to me:
“ I think so..because I am not feeling fine now..very sorry ustazah..”

The moral of the story is that, if you think that you are are going to be sick and sick and who knows, it may be forever. This is all psychology, negative thinking..I believe if you have strong commitment to the class and love for the knowledge you will not make such decision until the time arrives, indicating that you are sick.

Besides, how can you be sure that the doctor is going to issue you an M.C?

Sigh....whatever laa..( kak, pinjam jap perkataan ni)

p.s. before I could post this entry, I saw her in the class this morning..dtg jugak ke kelas


kutuk orang je said...

salam..nk seribu daya,xnk seribu dalih ustzh dih..

ramizah said...

kutuk org je: betul tu..tapi awak jgn kutuk org je..puji org jgk la.

firdaus said...

salam mdm...

berjalam-jalan di tasik gelugor... duduk berdating di tepi jeti... singgah sebentar tegur-menegur... tanda ingatan di dalam hati...

hehe saje je...

ramizah said...

berjalan2 di sg pusu
sambil berjalan mkn kuaci
ingatkan nak tunggu beranak cucu
baru nak cari ustzh di sini

Alexi said... penh berlaku jer this situation to klau xpegi mesti miss somthing in lecture...mmg truk laa nati nk phm time stdy...appreciate the time given...huhuhuh

muhammad zukhairi said...

"jika kau fikirkan kau boleh, kau hampir boleh melakukan..."


ramizah said...

zul, quitters never win..