Saturday, June 12, 2010

Gifts and cards from students..

this is the card and brooches from Faezah Talib a.k.a Patung hujan...


the second picture show three cards from Iwan, Hayyi and Firdaus..Firdaus's card was received on the 2nd of June..Iwan's on the 8th and Hayyi's on the 10th.. before and after, there was none on the actual date..

the third picture is a gift from Farhan alia..I was touched with this medal given by her..well, I take it as a personal compliment from her..

the last picture is a gift from akim who made this giant card by himself... he is showing his craftsmanship as opposed to me who has no skill at all.. I love it very much, akim..

Thank you so much for these beautiful gifts and cards.. Love them all..I am contented with what I have..alhamdulillah..

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