Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Letter to Rafael Nadal

Dear Rafa,

I am feeling quite nervous now because this is the first time that I am writing you a letter. I hope you are fine, stretching your limbs and enjoying your holiday in Majorca with your loved ones.

First of all, I would like to congratulate you for winning the 2010 US Open. I was there watching you live from New York. My heart was pumping very hard whenever you made a serve and I was jumping on my seat whenever you got aces. Wow! Your left hand is amazing..

Dear Rafa,

this year is such a fantastic year for you . You have won several grand slam titles ever since you turned into a professional player in 2001. Australian Open,French Open, Wimbledon and US Open are now in your hands. You name it, you got it! To be in the world ranking is not as important as winning the game. It was a worthwhile wait since you did not play in 2009 due to knee injury.Now, your name is craved in the world tennis history together with other great tennis players. I hope you will remain humble as you are before. Don't be influenced with the celebrity limelight.

Till then, I wish you many great events to come and I will remain your unsung loyal fan..

Best wishes


p.s. I never thought that your girlfriend is so beautiful..*sigh*


fatien adibah said...

hahaha..betul tuu kak ngoh,comey jgop giflfriend dio tuu kan..hehe..somehow,i am happy for you rafael nadal!!:)

Alexi said...

UIsh kk ngohh ata personal msg ko nadal niee..huhuhu..dio ado balas?fames kk ngoh..hehehe

ramizah said...

che adik comel lagi padae girlfren dia. Capik, Nadal tak pandae pun ko kngoh..huhu..

izzatghazali said...

haha. post dr kelate ko ni ustazh??

bubuh setem brape riya deh??