Thursday, May 20, 2010

A poem from one student..

While I was looking something in the drawer at my office, I found one Thank You card given to me a few years back by one of my students.. This is what he wrote in the card...

When I had a river
You gave me the ocean
When I had a cloud
You gave me the heavens…

When I was withering under the hurricane
You gave me shelter from the pelting rain
When I was at the peaks of the mountains
You always held me higher than I ever imagined…

My thanks to you and thank you for all
Even if the stars are counted it will all be gone…
Insignificant to what you have shown
And gives without regretting my heart swells with joy…

I pray for your days are better
Than before you can remember
I pray for your happiness forever
For you have made me happier for so much longer…

p.s. Ironically, he has not contacted me for a long long time..yeah, he did not forget me..he just suffered from a short term memory :-)

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