Thursday, May 13, 2010

unfullfilled promises..

Some of my students (graduated or non graduated) used to tell me that

1. “We will never forget you..You have taught us and gave me guidance, how can we forget you?”
This was said 2 years ago..Until now, I have never heard a single word from him.

2. “Madam, You gave me life when I am half dead. You helped me a lot. Of course, you are always in my mind”
This was said 3 years ago..I have never received any sms/call from him ever since.

3. “Madam, when I graduate, you will be the first person whom I will belanja you”
This was said 6 years ago. Now he is a lecturer in one of the universities in Malaysia. Never heard anything from him

4. “Madam, I have a problem with my marks. I don’t know what to do”. “I have a problem with my girlfriend..bla bla..” “Madam, please help me how to solve this problem” Madam, here and madam there”.
Once he is no longer in my class, once his problem solved, once he got the marks as he expected..he just disappeared..nowhere to find. I am sure he will come again, if he has a problem..

5. “Madam, I promise I will always visit you..I will always contact you..I will ..I will..”
This was said 2 months ago..Now, he is just a different person..

6. “Madam, I will send you Hari Raya card on Eid al Fitr and Eid al Adha. I will make sure I will do this even after my graduation”
He has never sent me one..never ever till today.

7. “Madam, we always talk about you. We enjoyed while we were in your class. You are always on my mind and doa”
I saw him two days ago at the library. He did not even care to text me a message or to inform me that he was around in UIAM on that day. Ironic right? Always talk about me? *sigh*

These are some of the real stories that happened to me. Promises were made so that they thought those promises would make me happy. My gut said at that time when the promises were made, “they are not going to keep their promises “, was right. Please don’t make any promises if you think you cannot keep your words. You only love me when you need me..when you have your interest on me..

I strongly believe that what you gave, you will always get back, good or bad especially if it was done to your teacher..


patunghujan a.k.a cik teruterubozu said...

i'll never stop loving u n remembering u eventhough sometimes i failed to send u msg....
i'm really sorry if i am among those whom unfulfilled their promise...

ramizah said...

faez..awak antara satu dalam sejuta..semasa ramai org menjauhi saya..awak bersama sya sentiasa..