Monday, April 12, 2010

At tense..

I am supposed to key in the result today. But I think I need to withhold it until tomorrow. I just need a break before I finalized everything. I want to seek guidance from Allah S W T to make sure that my decision is correct. At this moment, the result is pending.

This is the most difficult situation where I am in dilemma;between my loved ones and justice. However, I am very sure that justice is prevails. Though my decision will make somebody disappointed but I have to make the decision whether you like it or not. I hope you will take this as a lesson in your life. Whatever happens, my love to you will never change.

There is no shortcut in success. Sometimes you need to learn your life hard way. Somtimes you need to pass the failures on the road to success..

"..and a great success is to go through life at the difficult time.."

p.s. are gone..have to believe it..


Ahlami said...

kakngoh...lamo doh dok perati..
p/s ko sapo tuh? hehehe

ramizah said...

;-) saja je..

fatien adibah said...

adek pon dok perati sokmo hok p/s tuu..btul..there's no shortcut to success..i will try harder!

aRieF said...

Salam...even arep bukan student ICL..bace entry ustzah..rase mcm ddebor sgt2...ade yg repeat ke uszah???