Monday, April 19, 2010

Exam result semester 2 2009/2010

Tomorrow at 5 pm onwards, students can access their exam result for semester 2 2009/2010. I am sure they are very excited to get to know their result. For those who thought that they did well in the last final examination, they cannot resist to know their result. However, I would like to advise here that we are not supposed to be over confident of getting the best result. Always try to be moderate..Hope for the best and fear for the worst..

Today’s entry I want to touch about those who failed in the exam Actually, on my part as a lecturer, it is kind of difficult to give them grade D, D-, E and F. I would like to emphasize on the words “ GIVE OUT” the grade. That is my duty. However, you “EARN” the grade. Whenever I am in the middle of finalizing the marks and there are some potential causualities in my paper, I will pause. I will take a break. I will re check the paper for 2 or 3 times just to make sure I am doing justice to him/her and to others as well. Then , I will browse his/her attendance both in the lecture and tutorials. Lastly I will look for HUMAN TOUCH that exist between me and him/her i.e. his akhlaq, attitude, punctuality, consultation.

The above criteria will happen if the student is at the borderline case ( 47-49 marks). However, if the student got below that that, I will not re consider of giving him “mercy marks”. I have to do justice even at the expense of my loved ones.

The most difficult part is actually the aftermath of the result. Those who failed have this kind of attitude that the lecturer who failed them, hated them. The feeling of embarrassment is there, hence he tries to avoid seeing you again. Whenever, the student sees you walking towards him, he will make U turn and go to the other side of the road so that they will not bump into each other. I have seen this and I have encountered this problem. The agony of being disliked, hated by them are there. But I have to be strong and remain positive.

I am sure that you know better than me how much you have performed in the last examination. How much you put the efforts in passing the exam. There are times, it is because of your luck.. Remain positive and don’t be suspicious to your lecturer.

In the course of seeking Imu, you need to maintain good relationship with the followings:
1. Allah. He is the owner of the sciences knowledge.
2. Teacher. He is the medium of imparting knowledge to you
3. Parents. Their doa is mustajab to you
4. People surrounding you scuh as your class frinds, roommates. Take care of their right.

Don’t forget what is your niyyat when you study..this is the essence of your amal..

Then you leave this matter to Allah..He will decide what is best for you

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